DApp (Engl.) Decentralized Application. As an ordinary application, Dapp consists of the user interface (frontend) and the server part (backend), but is different from it as it includes a smart contract. The smart contract is also a part of the backend, only it is created especially for the block-chain. In essence, the smart contract is a contract between the developers and the users that provides for full transparency of application performance. Decentralized applications include games, social networks, postal services and all other things that we are so used to in the world of the Internet. The only difference is that their operation is fully transparent.
In concept, this is a contract, a computer algorithm having conditions preset and open for any participant, and when these conditions are fulfilled, the parties will be able to exchange money, assets, or new processes will be launched free from participation of third parties.
Nomidman is a peer to peer decentralized market place for trading Digital Assets (such as Cryptocurrencies); Physical Assets (Individual or Retail); and Professional Services (for All Freelancers).
Nomidman is the first decentralized market hub powered by blockchain aiming to reduce the time and fees for trade transaction in an ultimate global presence.
Trading Physical Goods Competition Other platforms that currently partially provide similar services are Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba using a centralized server to store user’s sensitive information such as name, address and financial details. However, data could be compromised or even be used to track user behavior, or shared with other third parties for financial gain. On the other hand, these platforms charge sellers hefty fees to list their product and services, forcing them to pass these fees on to buyers. This ultimately results in them paying significantly more Trading Crytocurrency Platforms like Local Bitcoins is limited to trading only bitcoins. Other few platforms are also limited to one or a handful of cryptocurrencies and trading speeds are limited by block times. New platforms such as 0x have addressed some issues with the current problems but still fail to enhance the user experience. They are also limited to digital assets such as some ERC20 tokens.
Freelancers’ Hub The global market lacks a secure and low-cost platform for freelancers and service providers. Platforms like Upwork is the current best option for freelancers to have a global exposure and potentially increase their income and portfolio. But this comes with a large cost. Upwork currently charges freelancers up to 20% as a commission on all their invoices due to their centralized structure.
Nomidman Market Platform is powered by Ethereum blockchain and Smart Contract technology to build a secure, cost efficient and fast environment to reshape the future of trading. Through the Ethereum Smart Contract technology, traders can now securely execute a trade transaction without the need of trusted Middle Men or third-party providers.
Nomidman attracts global users of Buyers and sellers of anything. It is a tool of liquidating cryptocurrency locally in a swift and safely manner; it’s a hub to connect vendors’ market places to a global market; it’s a tool for any person to sell any physical asset locally or internationally; and it’s a freelancer’s hub, all under one global market place.
'Initial Coin Offering (ICO)' is a mean by which funds are raised for a new cryptocurrency venture (a Start-up) through Crowd Funding. An ICO typically involves selling a new digital currency (Coin) at a discount — or a “token” — as part of a way for a company to raise money and create a solid community for their upcoming product.
The MANO is the native token of Nomidman issued at ICO.
The MANO will be listed on major exchange post ICO.
It can be staked by users for an opportunity to become an Operator on Nomidman Platform and earn rewards.
901 Million MANO is issued
MANO Tokens will be distributed as follows:
60% to the Crowd
20% Founders and Team
10% as Company Reserves
5% to Advisors
5% Bounty Campaigns
Nomidman ICO fund is the fund raised during ICO that is used for the development of Nomidman platform and ecosystem.
Date of Private Sale - Sep 30, 2018
Sum of $1,800,000
ICO Public Sale is expected to start in February 2019
The Soft Cap of our project is $5,000,000
The Hard Cap of our project is $24,000,000
The smart contract will automatically return the funds to the users who had initially transferred the payment.
The price for the ICO token 0.05$. Early investors will benefit from bonuses.
Nomidman will begin negotiating with representatives of leading exchanges after the ICO. There will be a lock-up period on the token bonuses only of 6 months post ICO completion. All bought tokens that are not given as bonuses will not have any lock-up period.
The funds will be collected in ETH, BTC and FIAT.
MICRA is an Agility token minted against every transaction fee received on Nomdiman Platform for the purpose of distributing rewards to the Operators in micro transactions.
MANO Army of Operators constitutes a core element of Nomdiman ecosystem. Operators are Referral Agents who introduce new users to the platform; Couriers and Shipping service providers; Transaction Dispute Resolution Agents and all Freelancers.

Dispute agents are platform assigned, while the other parties create their own interactions with the system.
Any User can become a Soldier on Nomidman Platform through an automated simple process. Soldiers earns small rewards for contributing to the growth of the ecosystem and can stake MANO, in order to be promoted by the system to Lieutenant, then colonel and captain based on the number of MANO staked.

The higher is the Operators position in the army, the higher is the rewards in return to the services accomplished.
Operators can start earning MICRA when they become Soldiers, but their Micra rewards will increase by staking MANO.

MANO can be used through staking by Operators:
• Referral Agents – to raise the commission from referrals from 10% to 50%
• Freelancers - to rebate fees paid on each invoice up to 30%
• Couriers and Shippers - to raise commission up to 30% (in additional to service fee)
• Dispute Agents - to raise the commission up to 30% (in addition to service fee)

Becoming Operators at early stages of Nomdiman Platform gives operators great advantages from the early adoption of Nomidman Technology and Token circulation model. Initial Operators are considered as fundamental asset to the ecosystem and will be given exciting opportunities of growth.
Nomidman Army of Operators benefit from a comprehensive reward system where they get rewarded in return to the services they provide to the platform. A user can become an operator by Staking/Depositing MANO tokens and providing any needed services on the platform such as Refferal Agents who introduces new users, Transaction Dispute Resolution agents, Courier and Shippers, and all Freelancers
Operators are rewarded for the services they provide to the ecosystem based on their service provided and their credibility. The reward distribution differs based on several factors such as the reputation, credibility, the amount of MANO token staked etc. Operators are rewarded in MICRA, according to their services and based on their token staking levels.

MICRAs can be exchanged to USD at any point in time. Periodically redeeming MICRA can constitute a regular income for Operators.
Yes, any user can become Operators without staking MANO with receiving a small % of Reward compared to Operators with Staked MANO.
To buy MANO you will need to:
1. Create a new ETH wallet or use an existing one
2. Decide on the size of your investment
3. Transfer the desired amount to Nomidman wallet address.
DO NOT USE your Crypto Exchange ETH wallet address to buy MANO, like (Coinbase or Bittrex or any online Ethereum wallet) as they are more susceptible to internet malicious activities.
You can Create an ETH wallet using MyEtherWallet.com, Metamask, Mist. Please make sure you have access to your private key, securely for the wallet address you are providing in for your MANO purchase process to have access to your MANO tokens upon completion of the Token Sale.
Your MANO will be in your wallet after completing the required KYC checks.
Nomidman uses Bittrex and Binance.
The entire identification procedure can take few minutes. You will have to upload your picture and an ID (passport/ID/driver's license)
In case you don't pass KYC within the aforementioned period, Smart contract will refund your purchase automatically. The period will be announced after the ICO ends.
Yes, there will be special KYC/AML implemented
Yes, you will be able to transfer your MANO in whole or part to another wallet after the tokens are sent to your wallet provided during the token sale process.
Even though it is not recommended to store a big amount of any cryptocurrency on exchange but You will be able to store your MANO tokens when they are listed on an exchange. Post ICO, Nomidman we will provide all ICO contributors and Private Investors with the list of exchanges and relative processes for trading MANO.

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