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What is a Decentralized Market Hub?

Decentralized market hubs are the next big thing for virtual asset and service trading because they’ll solve a number of massive problems in traditional Peer to Peer marketplaces. There is significant pent-up demand for a one-stop solution for physical, digital assets and services trading, but because of bottlenecks stemming from centralization, growth is restricted until the marketplaces become decentralized.

Platform decentralization enables every single user to set up a digital storefront to trade physical and digital assets or services in a P2P fashion, and this “entrepreneurial user” model has led to the success of numerous platforms that allow businesses to sell directly to users, including Houzz, eBay, and Upwork. Decentralized exchanges for virtual goods will result in massive growth for the physical, digital asset and services industry, with Nomidman at the forefront.

Vault Smart Contract Operators Retirement Pool NomidmanCommission Buyers Sellers Users can stake MANO tobecome operators and provide services forthe trade. When retired, operatorscan redeem their MANO All platform comission arekept in the VAULT, that thenmints micra to facilitate thedistribution of rewards to allcontributors to the trade
what is nomidman
What is Nomidman?

Nomidman is the first of its kind blockchain driven platform, powering its innovative ecosystem by everyone involved within it. Nomidman empowers people to use fiat or crypto currency in exchange of any digital and physical assets or services. Users can receive fiat or crypto directly, to either a bank account or a digital wallet seamlessly, without having to trust a third party, avoid hidden fees or any downtime during high volumes of traffic.

what is nomidman
The Nomidman Framework

Nomidman Market Platform is powered by Ethereum blockchain and Smart Contract technology to build a private, secure, cost efficient and fast environment to reshape the future of trading.

Through the Ethereum Smart Contract technology, traders can now securely execute a trade transaction without the need of trusted Middle Men or third-party providers.

Nomidman is designed to be open and extendable, allowing districts to implement unique features and enhanced functionality via the plug-in of auxiliary modules

nomidman framework
What Can You Trade on Nomidman?

You can trade multiple cryptocurrency with one another for Fiat/Crypto/Gift cards etc.., such as Bitcoin, Ether, major Altcoins & ERC20 Tokens locally and globally.

Physical Goods
Physical Goods

You can trade any physical asset on Nomidman on an individual or retail basis and have the option to add different service layers to the trade like delivery/shipping.

Physical Goods

Freelancers can showcase their profile and experience on Nomidman platform to attract a global market of service recruiters, and benefit from Nomidman retirement Pool and reward program.


Our benefits


Transfers between users are escrowed using a decentralized smart contract. Instead of using trusted middle men to transfer the funds, Nomidman provides an alternative Escrow smart system that is trust-less. Only you have control over your assets and funds.


Trades on Nomidman are fully decentralized in a secure environment where No trusted Middle men are needed to complete any transaction. Thus, prices of goods and services traded on Nomidman can decrease by up to 20% compared to prices on current centralized solutions.


Messages between buyers and sellers are end-to-end encrypted. Every conversation is protected by a Secret Private key which self-destructs after completion. Messages can be only revealed to Dispute Resolution Agents or Nomidman Management in case of any Dispute where the Buyer or the Seller can give permission to access the message history.


The MANO Army program rewards operators when they provide services to Nomidman Platform. Rewards can reach 50% of Nomidman Transaction fee!

How MANO Token works?

Vault Smart Contract Operators Retirement Pool Nomidman Commission Buyers Sellers Users can stake MANO to become operators and provide services for the trade. When retired, operators can redeem their MANO All platform comission are kept in the VAULT, that then mints micra to facilitate the distribution of rewards to all contributors to the trade

Who are Nomidman Operators?

Users have the opportunity to become Operators on Nomidman Market place through the use of MANO.

Operators starts as soldiers and are promoted to Lieutenant, then Colonel, then Captain based on factors related to staking level of MANO as well as reputation and service level.

Referral Agents
Couriers and Shippers
Delivery and Shipping Agents
Dispute Agents
Dispute Resolution Agents

Nomidman Community of Traders
and Service Providers

Cryptocurrency Traders


Dispute Resolution Agents

E-commerce traders

Nomidman Team

Ethereum Smart Contract

Ethereum Blockchain

Shipping/Delivery Agents

Recruiting Agents

Nomidman Special Features

AI Based Rating System
AI Based Rating System

Unconventional intelligent rating system using artificial intelligence for ultimately creating an environment of perfect competition.

Nomid Army

Automation reward system through Minting Nomidman Agility Token “MICRA” used for disbursement of service fees and rewards to Operators and aiming to reduce micro transactions fees and inefficiencies creating a self-sufficient community of traders and service providers.

Retirement Pool
Retirement Pool

An opportunity to Operators to redeem their MANO at any time in the future against a continuously growing pool filled with a portion of all Nomidman Transactions fees. The longer they wait the larger is their redemption amount, given the limited supply structure of MANO.

AI Based Translation layer
AI Based Translation layer

Users are able to view any post or listing of sellers in different languages in a reliable smart translation layers using smart Technology like AI.

Our roadmap

Dec 2016 – Dec 2017
  • Idea Creation
  • Conceptual Model
  • Initial White Paper
Jan 2018 – Oct 2018
  • Token Economics Finalization
  • Kick start the Development of Nomidman Platform
Nov 2018 – Mar 2019
  • Nomidman Crypto Trading Market Phase 1 (Peer to Peer Bitcoin & ETH Trading Platform)
  • Token Smart Contract
Apr 2019 – Jul 2019
  • Nomidman Crypto Trading Market Phase 2 (Additional Altcoins Trading Enabled & Token Circulation Automation)
Aug 2019 – Dec 2019
  • Nomidman User Rating Development (Transparent AI Based User Rating System)
  • Nomidman Freelancers’ Market (P2P Freelancers’ Hub)
Jan 2020 – Jun 2020
  • Nomidman Physical Good Trading Market Phase 1(P2P Physical Padducts Trading market for the UK - Test Local Market)
  • AI based Translation Layer (Users can view listings in multiple reliable translated languages)
Jul 2020 – Dec 2020
  • Nomidman Physical Good Trading Market Phase 2 (Global P2P Physical Products Trading market)

Our team

Reem T

Operations Director

Reem fulfils the role of Operations Lead in the Nomidman project bringing over 18 years of experience in Financial & Strategic Consultancy and Management. She has worked across several different industries including Management Consultancy, Financial Markets and Academic fields. In her early career, Reem worked as a University professor of finance subjects and has extensive experience internationally in financial planning consultancy, financial operations, Business Process, Business Planning, Internal Audit and Compliance.

Reem tends to transform any form of conversation into numbers, charts, graphs, KPIs with scenario testing and opportunity cost calculations, That’s why she is leading Nomidman Operations. She had key senior roles in reputable companies such as: Gregory and Jones Consultancy, PRD Consultancy and ICM. Reem believes in a decentralized and equal economic system through creating business opportunities to the masses and redistribution of wealth.
Nikolai Isayev

Marketing Director

Nikolai fulfills a lead marketing and advisory role to increase awareness and participation in the NOMIDMAN project across several regions. Employing previous experience and knowhow Nikolai is responsible for ensuring sensible and successful marketing strategies that comply with all current international crypto currency and ICO regulatory frameworks. Nikolai also provides ad hoc advising to the NOMIDMAN senior management team on project strategy and execution.

Nikolai is a marketing and business development professional with over 11 years of experience in the online brokerage industry. He was previously a senior marketing manager at one of the world’s largest FX firms, GAIN Capital Group where he managed the FOREX.com brand in Russia and Eastern Europe for over 5 years, establishing a successful western Forex brand in Russia.

Nikolai is our hero! He is passionate about helping businesses grow through marketing, communication and financial technologies. In this respect Nikolai is currently a partner and mentor at Faba Invest, a venture capital company in Prague, Czech Republic, that provides investors with the ability to use tokens and crypto currencies to invest in start-up projects in the US, Europe and India.
Ruz Walio

Product Development Director

Ruz manages the Product Development process of Nomidman project. He brings more than 10 years of experience in the financial markets industry as a broker, with large exposure to different financial instruments. He has experience in product development and implementation and he leads the quality control and product development research for Nomidman project.
Ruz can also be a pain when it comes to quality, he doesn’t quit until the product is perfect! his pedantic approach to product development makes him perfect for this job He holds extensive knowledge in the blockchain technology, the digital currency revolution with years of research in this space. And he is one of the main pillars in the Nomidman project.
Vineet Tyagi

Senior Blockchain Developer

Vineet Manages the development process of Nomidman DApp. He is an experienced blockchain developer, and an algorithm enthusiast, when you think of a problem, before saying it, he finds a solution.
Vineet is a dynamic and passionate engineer with more than 8 years of experience in product development. He has worked on various latest technologies and developed quality products. He has significant experience in Blockchain Development, which includes developing smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, decentralized applications, exchanges etc. He is very well experienced in all phases of product life cycle and brings in a blend of blockchain technology and product development. He has worked with reputed companies like PineLabs, DXC Technologies India and Grapecity Japan. An entrepreneur at heart he has keen interest in serving the society. He runs "Youth Unity Foundation", an NGO founded in 2010 by him along with his classmates.
Vikas Singla

Full Stack Javascript Developer

Vikas is a full-stack developer with vast experience of 8+ years in Java and Javascript Development. He is our technical reference for the progress in the development of Nomidman DApp and our superman He has worked with product-based companies like Pinelabs. He has a good exposure to technologies on the frontend as well as on backend. He has completed his engineering degree from premier engineering institute NIT Surathkal.
Devesh Maan

Full-Stack Developer

Devesh is a Full-Stack developer having experience in working both front-end and backend technologies. He has extensively worked on Reactjs and Redux and good exposure to Nodejs development. He has almost two years of work experience and a thirst for leaning blockchain technology and cryptography.
Prashant Sharma

Scrum Master

Dedicated and enthusiastic project manager with 3+ years’ extensive experience in managing mid to large scale projects from the team management to ensuring end-to-end delivery of the complete and quality product. An agile expert who visualize and implement epics and stories.
Jyotika Sharma

UI/UX Developer

Jyotika is a Fine Arts graduate from Delhi University. Creativity, imagination, and quality are her core strengths. A well versed graphic and UI/UX designer as well as developer with 2 years of experience.

Our advisors

Charles Wismer

Tokenomics Specialist

Charles is a Co-Founder at Deedcoin and Ledger Leap, specializing in cyclic tokenomics and creating a system based around positive growth of an ecosystem. He is a blockchain enthusiast, heavily experienced in operations and design of both economic and technological models.
Sam Mihal

Graphics and Branding

Sam a graphics manager at Ledger Leap. He is highly experienced in the creative use of Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, and Final Cut ProX for logo and graphics design, 3D animation effects, as well as advanced video media editing. In addition, he manages the Deedcoin Youtube channel and its content, as well as weekly live streams and video press releases.
Phillip Mryzyglocki

Partner Outreach

Phillip is a media and outreach specialist, and a blockchain enthusiast. He has been a real estate investor for a decade, and previously served in the US Navy. He has worked as an industrial integrity management consultant, a technical writer, insurance sales and consultant, and real estate sales prior to Ledger Leap.
Thomas Christopher

Smart Contract Consultant

Thomas is a blockchain and crypto enthusiast. Designer and architect of the world's first ICO sales platform that integrates credit card merchant processing and real SAFT token air-drop for investors. Thomas is a fullstack programmer and developer with deep knowledge of system integration, web content, and platform security.

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